The JOY of color

JOY! Our entire business is driven by the desire to spread joy.

Joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a  large thing. Little moments of joy build up.

Research has discovered interesting information about color and the effect it has on moods, feelings, and behaviors. Color will have an impact on the mood of a space.

Add joyful color to your home. Scientific research shows that people working in rooms/offices with vibrant colors were more alert, joyful and friendly. Adding pops of color is one of the most effective ways to spark joy at home.

   -Paint your front door a bright eye-catching color.

   -Paint the back of your closet or cupboards bright color.

   –Hang brightly colored suncatchers in your windows.

We love color, lots of color, and we know you do too.

Ever wonder why one color makes you feel a certain way? Psychologists still haven’t completely figured that out but we do know that your feelings about color are influenced by your personal experiences and your culture.

Whatever the reason behind the why, just surround yourself with the colors you love and live a more joyous life!