Purple – February Color of the Month

Purple is often associated with wealth, loyalty and bravery as in purple robes of royalty and purple heart.

It is also associated with spiritualism and magic, creativity and irreverence.  It represents the future, imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming 0ur emotions.

Purple supports mental balance and stability, peace of mind. Aids in the practice of meditation and prayer.

It is calming, peaceful, relieves tension, decreases respiration and can lower blood pressure.

Purple represents a balance between the stimulation of red and the calm of blue.  It creates a balance between physical and spiritual energies.

It is the color of the crown chakra located at the top of the head, connecting us with our consciousness, grounding us and connecting us to universal energy.

Not sure you want a purple wall? Purple accents can bring a sense of peace and relieve tensions to help bring calm to your space.