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Tiger Eye Protective Energy Earth Stones – Earth Spirit Collection


Find balance and harmony with green and golden Tigers Eye.

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Spiritual Balance

Unique crystal gemstone window and wall decor for peace and harmony.

  • Handcrafted by the artists at Joelaine in Pueblo, Colorado with supplies handpicked from the leading sources on earth.
  • Exclusively designed with the highest quality gemstone crystals and findings.
  • Exclusively featured on Joelaine.
  • Your choice of crescent moon or sunflower sun pendant at the bottom of the strand.
  • Special gift box included.

Consciously created exclusive designs of unparalleled quality with the finest tigers eyes, blood stone and amazonite gemstones, the energy of the Tiger Eye Protective Energy Earth Stones inspire creativity, bring balance and harmony to your space.

Bells have been used for hundreds of years to cleanse the energy of a space and ward off negative energy. Three tiny brass bells are attached to Tibetan silver bails on all Earth Stone Healing and Protective Energy Charms.  

The Crystals:

Gold Brown Tiger Eye is a protector. It inspires creativity. It promotes joy, prosperity, balance and harmony. Tigers Eye amplifes the energy of any other crystal or stone.

Green Tigers Eye (Also called Cat’s Eye) Is the most powerful protection against negative energy or the evil eye. It strengthens confidence, gives courage, and promotes healing from illness. 

Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope) is a type of jasper often called the Sun Stone.  Its energy promotes long life and good health, strenth, passion and courage.  It is protective and nurturing. It banishes negativity and evil, promotes mental clarity and can revitalize mind and body, is healing and balancing. Bloodstone also stimulates dreaming.

Amazonite brings harmony and balance, tranquility and peace. It protects from negative energies and is one of the most powerful protector stones.

You have the choice of a Silvery Crescent Moon or Silvery Sunflower pendant at the bottom of the crystal gemstone strand.

Each Tiger Eye Protective Energy Earth Stones Crystal Wall Decor strand includes a stylish silver colored stainless steel S-hook.


Crescent Moon Tiger Eye Protective Energy Earth Stones hanging ornament features both gold tigers eye and green tigers eye (sometimes called Cat’s Eye) gemstones. The length of the ornament is is 14.5 inches long. The strand of beads is approximately 11 inches long and the moon pendant is 3.5 inches long.

Silvery Sunflower Tiger Eye Protective Energy Earth Stones charm features Green Tiger Eye (Cat’s Eye), Amazonite and Bloodstone.  is 13 inches long.  The beaded strand is approximately 11 inches and the sun pendant is approximately 2.5 inches.

Earth Stones ornaments are meant to be hung inside as window, doorway or wall decor.  Please hang out of reach of children and pets.

The Healing Energy Earth Stones are not toys and we do not recommend them for children under 13.


We handcraft all of our products in a pet friendly and completely smoke free studio.

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