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Crystal Ice White Tree Bling Suncatchers – Beaded Curtains


Classic Boho



  • Your Crystal Ice Tree Bling Suncatchers & Beaded Curtains have been personally handcrafted by the artists at Joelaine in Colorado, USA.
  • Supplies are handpicked from the leading sources on earth.
  • Designed with unparalleled quality.
  • Exclusively featured on Joelaine.
  • Special gift box included.

Unique Glass Bead Tree Swag and Window Jewels inspired by winter in the Colorado mountains.

Your Crystal Ice Tree Bling Suncatchers & Beaded Curtains feature the highest quality glass and crystal beads so that your garden art or beaded curtain will catch the sun in the dazzling light of a snowy mountainside in Colorado.

Exclusively designed with unparalleled quality, the brilliance of Joelaine sun catchers, beaded curtains, spiral bead mobiles and windchimes will add a touch of sparkle to your home or garden.


Joelaine tree jewels and beaded window decor strands are sold in sets of 3, 7, 15 and 25.  The length of the strands varies from 18 – 30 inches, no two are alike. Each set will consist of a variety of lengths and unique glass bead styles.

These strands are fairly heavy so be sure to select a rod that will hold up. A set of 3 weighs approximately 8 oz or 0.5 lb; a set of 7 approximately 19 oz or 1.2 lb; and a set of 15 strands weighs approximately 40 oz or 2.5 lb.

PROCESSING TIME For Beaded Curtains is 7-10 days.

Your sun catcher tree swag and beaded window curtains contain small pieces. Please hang out of reach of children and pets.

🎁US – December 8
🎁International – November 28
🎁Military APO/FPO – December 3
*Listed dates do not factor in delays due to weather or COVID-19.
*Expedited shipping is available but due to COVID-19 is not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. 


Additional information

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15 strands, 25 strands, 3 strands, 7 strands


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