Boho Beach Collection

The Boho Beach Collection will brighten up a sunny window with glistening colors and ocean-themed charms like a day at the beach. Strands of beautiful handmade and designer bohemian glass beads in shades of greens and blues with just the hint of gold trailing down your wall, window or patio will catch the sun in a sparkling cascade of color.

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  • buried treasure glass bead suncatcher

    Buried Treasure Glass Bead Suncatcher

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  • Seaside Vision Glass Bead Dreamcatchers

    Seaside Visions Glass Bead Dream Catchers

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  • Blue Green Glass Beads

    Ocean Waves Beaded Curtain Suncatchers

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  • Bohemian Beach Suncatcher

    Bohemian Beach Glass Bead Suncatcher

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  • Ocean TIdes Glass Bead Suncatcher

    Ocean Tides Glass Bead Suncatcher

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