Beaded Bell Chimes

Throughout history it has been believed that the sound of bells discourages evil spirits and brings good luck.  According to one much loved holiday movie, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!

Exquisite glass beads glow in the sunlight, tiny brass bells tinkle very softly in the breeze. Light up any space, any window with Joelaine’s exclusively designed beads and bells windchimes.

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  • rainbow spiral

    Rainbow Glass Bead Spiral Suncatcher – Windchime

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  • spiral beaded mobile chime

    Rainbow Spiral Windchimes – Suncatcher

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  • Blue Light Catcher window decor

    Blue Glass Bead Windchime Suncatcher

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  • Gift card

    Gift Certificate

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  • Colorado Sunrise Beaded Sun Catche

    Colorado Sunrise Wind Chime Suncatcher

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  • Colorado Mountain window decor

    Colorado Purple Mountains Wind Chime Suncatcher

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  • Keys Gears Glass Sun Catcher

    Skeleton Keys and Watch Gears Glass Bead Suncatcher

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  • Octopus Rainbow Beaded Glass Sun Catcher

    Octopus Beaded Driftwood Suncatcher

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  • Sunny yellow Light catcher

    Yellow and Gold Glass Bead Wind Chime

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  • Multicolor Rainbow Glass Bead Bell Chime Sun Catcher

    Rainbow Glass Bead Suncatcher Bell Chime

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  • green bell chime

    Green Glass Bead Boho Wind Chime

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  • Bohemian Owl Glass Bead Suncatcher Windchime

    Bohemian Owl Suncatcher – Rainbow Glass Driftwood Mobile

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