How to choose the right suncatcher

Hanging a suncatcher in your window is an easy way to add a splash of color to your space.

Selecting the right suncatcher for your home isn’t difficult. There are just a few points to remember.

Think about the size of the window or other prospective location.

  • Can it be too big? You want it to catch the light perfectly without completely blocking the view outside your window.
  • Is it possible for a suncatcher to be too small? Obviously small suncatchers are perfect for smaller windows or hanging from the center of a valance but grouping several small suncatchers can look impressive in large windows.

Consider the weight of the piece and hanging mechanism required before you buy.

  • Be sure the hanging hardwareis strong enough to safely hold the suncatcher chosen.
  • Be sure the window frame or hanging location is stable/strong enough to hold the weight of the suncatcher chosen. 


  • Choose a suncatcher constructed of high-quality materials. You want it to bring you joy for as long as possible!


  • Choose a color scheme that complements your décor or expresses your own personality adding splashes of color to create your look.
  • Think about a suncatcher for every holiday to bring a burst of holiday decor to your space with a minimum of effort. 


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