April Color of the Month – White

April’s color is made up of an equal quantity of all the colors in the spectrum and as such, it will contain both their positive and negative aspects.

It gives the visual perception of space but can make warmer colors look too bright or garish.

White suggests goodness, innocence, purity and integrity. It represents new beginning and erases any trace of past action.

The color white promotes a feeling of cleanliness, simplicity and hope. It is the color of protection. It offers a sense of peace and calm, creates a sense of order and efficiency.

On the negative side, it may represent a feeling of coldness, indecision and unfriendliness.

In other cultures it is traditionally related to death and mourning. In these cultures death usually means the end of one life and the beginning of another, moving forward to a new life,

People who favor white tend to seek excellence and enlightenment. They are neat and immaculate with a positive and optimistic nature.

If this is the color you favor most, you are sensible and discreet, cautious, practical and careful with money.

In your need for perfection you can be critical of yourself and others.

You are self-sufficient and may appear to be shy, but will openly defend your beliefs.

The gemstone or crystal of April is diamond. Read about it here.