You are why we do what we do.

How you helped Joelaine become a reality.

We are thrilled that everyone who uses one of our creations knows they are getting an exclusively designed hand crafted product of unparalleled quality worthy of their unique personality.

Nancy & Paula
Joelaine CEO

The world we live in is so stressful, full of anger and disenchantment.  We intend for our products to brighten the lives of everyone who owns them, even if just for a moment every time they see it throughout their day.  Little moments of joy help people de-stress and relax. People who are less stressed are happier, calmer, kinder.

Giving everyone who owns one of our products these little moments of joy is what drives every decision in this business.  We want everyone to be kinder to one another and to be happy.

Joelaine is a family business.  We are two sisters and a daughter/niece who want to fill your day with beauty and delight your senses with the colors of summer all year. Our co-designer Angelique Ballou, a young designer who has Asperger syndrome, creates exceptional bead work amulet bags and necklaces that will captivate you and fill every day with beauty. 

The name of our original Etsy store, Simply Fabulous, was confusing because there were many different businesses all over the U.S. with a variation of the same name, so we changed the name to Joelaine, a combination of our middle names; Joanne and Elaine.

Before we created Joelaine, we were disenchanted with the inferior quality of most beaded products we found locally.  We were dissatisfied with plastic, mass produced items.Then one day as we were randomly playing around with our bead stash of odds and ends we created something that we loved and hung it in a sunny doorway.  We made more.  They were rough and unrefined, meant only as a fun use of our left-over beads.

Those original pieces were awful!  But People wanted them.  So, we decided to create all of our products using the best quality gemstones, crystals, glass beads and components we can find so that our products will bring lasting joy to their owners every day.

Personally designing and hand crafting our products means we offer them in limited quantities.  We are a top-rated handmade seller with all Five-Star reviews.

The unparalleled quality and our incomparable customer service assures our customers that our products are not mass produced but are as singularly distinctive as you are. 

ruby_throated_hummer ICON
Hummingbirds symbolize joy and love reminding us to appreciate the magic of the present, to seek out the good in life and enjoy the beauty in each day.  So the hummingbird is in our logo as we strive to delight your senses and fill your everyday with beauty and the colors of a summer garden.