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Handcrafted Glass and Crystal Suncatchers and Beaded Curtains

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Handcrafted Glass and Crystal Suncatchers, Wind Chimes and Beaded Curtains.

Joelaine Glass and Crystal Suncatchers are exclusively designed and handcrafted in Colorado, USA with unparalleled quality using the best quality gemstones, crystals, glass beads and components available on multiple strands dangling from a repurposed sandblasted grape wood branch so that your beautiful handmade glass wind chimes or rainbow beaded sun catcher will catch the sun in a sparkling cascade of color.

Joelaine’s unique Glass Beaded Curtains are inspired by summer in Colorado. Each beaded strand is unique, a colorful and eclectic original work of art. Our Suncatchers & Beaded Window Curtains feature the highest quality glass and crystal beads so that your garden art or beaded curtain will catch the sun in the dazzling light of a rainbow in the Colorado sky.  

Exclusively designed with unparalleled quality, the brilliance of Joelaine glass and crystal suncatchers and beaded curtains will add a touch of sparkle to your home or garden. 

Unique. High quality. Exceptional. Eclectic. Bohemian Style.

Let us brighten your bohemian spirit and delight your senses with the radiant colors of summer all year long when you adorn your windows, walls or outdoor spaces with Joelaine sun catchers, wind chimes and beaded curtains. Can be hung inside or outside. If hung outside please use your discretion during severe weather. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Caring For Your Sun Catchers
Your suncatchers, windchimes and beaded curtains are made to last for years. They can be hung inside or outside. If hung outside, be sure what they are hanging from is strong enough and well secured. Be sure that the ornament does not strike against something like a wall or post in the wind. If hung outside, use your discretion during severe weather. Keep out of reach of pets and children.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use any type of cleaning solution.

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